Basic Policies

Our Philosophy

With infinite sympathy for the afflicted,
we provide medical care at all times without self-praise or self-satisfaction.

Basic Policies

  1. We provide advanced, safe, qualified and patient-centered medical services.
  2. We respect patients' rights, dignity, and privacy.
  3. We provide patients with an ideal environment from the patient’s perspective.
  4. We provide that follow international standards in order to respond adequately to societal needs.
  5. We develop compassionate, open-minded and competent healthcare professionals.

Patients' Rights

  1. Patients have equal rights to receive high-quality and safe medical cares.
  2. Patients have full rights to access a clear description of their diseases and treatments, and the right to receive related interpretation.
  3. Patients have the right to choose or refuse any treatment plans proposed by doctors.
  4. Patients have the right to state views and requirements of their diseases.
  5. Patients have the right of privacies to be protected and respected.

Notice to Patients

In order to provide high-quality medical services to you, we appreciate all your understanding and cooperation listed below.

  1. Please inform us your health condition in detail correctly as much as possible.
  2. Please consult if you have any difficulty to understand the therapy.
  3. Please don't bother others and interfere with the therapies.
  4. Please follow the rules of hospital.
  5. Please cooperate with us in the education and research projects assigned by the university hospital.