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Fujita Health University

Skills Lab

Objective of the lab

Provide a place for students who will be future health care professionals, and instructors, to safely and effectively acquire medical skills that allow them to be committed to lifelong service to their society.

Opened in September, 2007, on the 14th floor (Clinical Simulation floor) of the Lifelong Learning Center

Skills Lab is one of the largest simulation centers in Japan which 12,000 people in all use each year. While half of the users are medical students, use by nurses and interns is also increasing. Here, students can learn basic diagnostic skills, and nurses can acquire skills that directly lead to patient safety and trust including infusion pump adjustment and intravenous cannula fixation. For interns, the lab offers programs such as orientations, patient interaction seminars, and ACLS seminars. For the future, development of programs designed for team medical practice is planned, including cross-professional skill training and multiple load training.