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University Guide

School philosophy

Create one solid principle of your own

The late Dr. Keisuke Fujita,
founder of Fujita Gakuen

Fujita Health University is based on a timeless philosophy.

Create one solid principle of your own" is the philosophy of Fujita Gakuen. This basic concept of the school has remained unchanged and true to us over long periods of time. This philosophy symbolizes my belief that the creativity of individual students will be the driving force to carve out the future, and this has already been proven true by many graduates before you. When you join us and learn what this philosophy truly means, you will be blessed with out-of-the-box ideas and great potential. The academic focus of our school allows you to discover what life science is all about. If you wish to become a medical practitioner who wishes to take on the challenge of a number of difficult problems and diligently find answers to each one of them, this is the right place for you. Your path to the medical care of the 21st century starts here.

(Cited from Kaku Ikasare Kaku Katariki 5: Fujita Gakuen Hoken Eisei Daigaku Sosetsuki by Keisuke Fujita)