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University Guide

message from the president

We offer a high-quality academic environment for excellent health care professionals of the future

Fujita Graduate and Medical School, known as Fujita Academy, was founded by Dr. Keisuke Fujita in 1964. Our philosophy is to provide an environment for growing students’ creative thinking that will transfer into a new era of health care and medical research.

In accordance with our philosophy, we try to develop our students’ ability to interpret a patient's feelings, as well as providing patient-centered, advanced, safe, and qualified medical services.

Fujita Health University consists of Fujita Health University Hospital as well as two other teaching hospitals that offer a wide range of medical examinations and treatments.

Fujita Health University also believes a good medical education induces excellent research. The Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science and its number of full-time researchers working on advanced research projects have set us apart from other private medical colleges.

At Fujita Health University, we offer you a high-quality academic environment to support your path to becoming an excellent health care professional.

Fujita Academy celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014. In commemoration of this anniversary, we have built a new university hospital building and rebuilt Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital. We will also build a new School of Health Sciences building in the next school year to further improve our campus.

As aspiring doctors with the passion to learn, we hope you will join us here at Fujita Gakuen and work toward future development of medical science and care.

Kiyotaka Hoshinaga, Ph. D.
President, Fujita Health University