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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAMEF Department of Physiology II
HomePage: http://www.fujita-hu.ac.jp/~m-ohkuma/index.html

ProfessorEi-ichi Miyachi
Associate ProfessorFusao Kawai
Senior Assistant ProfessorSoh Hidaka
Senior Assistant ProfessorMahito Ohkuma
Assistant ProfessorKayo Horio
LecturerKimikazu Fujita

Our laboratory has been doing research on chemical and electrical synaptic transmissions and information processing in the vertebrate retina. We are studying both lower and higher vertebrate retinas, using electrophysiological, morphological and molecular biological techniques. We are also studying the regulatory system by neurotransmitters, neuroactive substances and second messengers in gap junctions in neurons and muscles, in addition to retinal neurons.

Fri May 2 17:40:57 JST 2014

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