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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAMEF Department of Legal Medicine

ProfessorISOBE, Ichiro
Research AssistantHAMAJIMA, Makoto
Research AssistantHIRATA, Yukari
Research AssistantOCHI, Hiroshi

History of The Laboratory
Department of Legal Medicine, Fujita Health University School of Medicine, was opened in April 1975, by Prof. Ginosuke Miyauchi (Professor Emeritus, Chiba University). After that, the Department was succeeded by Prof. Shin-ichiro Ohta, Prof. Sunao Kuroda, Prof. Michioki Naito, Prof. Takashi Fujikura, and Prof. Akira Ishii. Since March 2008, the Chairman of this Department has been Prof. Ichiro Isobe.

Educational Acitivities
The lectures and practice of Legal Medicine are given to the 4th grade medical students; the content contains different issues, such as the time of death, trauma injuries, asphyxia, toxicology, blood groups and DNA analysis, medicolegal investigation and the medical examiner system. The staff members are positively involved in "Reading Seminar", conducted as a "small group learning"-type class for the 1st grade students.

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