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Organization: Fujita Health University Hospital
NAME: Gastro-enterological surgery ( Intestine , Colorectum and Canal anal Surgery )
HomePage: http://www.fujita-hu.ac.jp/~geka/index.html

Professor Koutarou Maeda
Associate professorTsunekazu Hanai
LectureHarunobu Sato
LectureKouji Masumori
LectureYosikazu Koide,
LectureHiroyuki Aoyama
Assistant professorTomoyoshi Endou
Graduate StudentsMasuo Funahashi
Graduate StudentsToshiaki Kamano
Graduate StudentsTomohito Noro
Graduate StudentsToshihisa Agata
Graduate StudentsKatuyuki Honda

Dr.Morito Maruta became the first Professor of the Department of surgery (Intestine ,Colorectal and Canalanal Surgery Group ) in 1987. During 14 years、the Department of Intestine ,Colo rectum and Canal anal Surgery developed steadily as to play a leading role in Intestine ,Colo rectum and Canal anal surgical field in Japan. Dr. Maeda have been succeeded as the new Professor of the Department of surgery (Intestine ,Colo rectal and Canal anal Surgery Group ) in 2001.

Professor Maeda are performing the several clinical studies of Intestine ,Colo rectum and Canal anal surgical field. Especially , the minimally invasive transanal surgery (MITAS)for the rectal early cancer using the machine developed by Professor Maeda have been obtained the good result. The characteristic is certainly total local tumor resection and finished to take the short operating time .The other of the clinical study for the disturbance of anorectal and sexual function after the lower anterior resection for the rectal cancer. And so laparoscopic assisted surgery have been performed for the colon cancer, the rectal prolapse, and IBD.

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