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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAMEF Department of Rehabilitation Medicine I
E-Mail: rehabmed@fujita-hu.ac.jp
HomePage: http://www.fujita-hu.ac.jp/~rehabmed/index.html

Professor and DirectorEiichi Saitoh
Associate professorHitoshi Kagaya
Associate professorYoichiro Aoyagi
Senior Assistant ProfessorKeiko Onogi
Senior Assistant ProfessorSeiko Shibata
Assistant ProfessorKoshiro Sawada
Assistant ProfessorKanan Yatsuya
Assistant ProfessorSatoshi Hirano
Assistant ProfessorKen Ishihara
Assistant ProfessorShinichiro Tanaka
Research AssociateEriko Mizokoshi

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Welcome to the Fujita Health University Rehabilitation Organization.
Our organization consists of "Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, School of Medicine, Fujita Health University", "Department of Rehabilitation, Fujita Health University Hospitals", and "Fujita Health University Academy of Rehabilitation".
We intend to introduce our clinical and academic activities and show latest information of our special seminars on this web site.
We apoligize that there is only an explanation how to translate our Japanese contents into English here instead of providing full translation of our web.
Since Japanese version of our web is upadated so frequently, it is difficult to reflect the change to English version immediately.
To avoid this time lag of information, we decided to take the system of automatic computer Japanese-English translation available on the web.

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