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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAMEF Department of Rehabilitation Medicine II

ProfessorShigeru Sonoda
ProfessorShinichiro Maeshima
Senior Assistant ProfessorSayaka Okamoto
Senior Assistant ProfessorHideto Okazaki
Senior Assistant ProfessorYasunori Ozeki
Assistant ProfessorShiho Mizuno
Assistant ProfessorHirofumi Maeda
Research AssociateHiroshi Matsuo
Research AssociateTetsuya Tsunoda

Characteristics of Rehabilitation Medicine II
Nanakuri Sanatorium is one of the flagship hospital of Kaifukuki Rehabilitation. The FIT program works as most effective subacute rehabilitation system. Vigorous clinical experience is accumulated during belonging to our department. Six hundred patients are discharged in a year. There are 6 advising doctors with board.
You can experience various disease such as stroke, TBI, spinal cord injuries, joint disease, peripheral nerve diseases, and amputation. Clinical researches are also encouraged. There are many results about outcome prediction, improvement of paralysis, gait analysis, robotic exercise, or treatment of higher cortical dysfunctions. Joint researches with Fujita Memorial Nanakuri Institute are welcomed.

Tue May 7 10:58:47 JST 2013

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