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Takao K, Miyakawa T. Investigating gene-to-behavior pathways in psychiatric disorders: the use of a comprehensive behavioral test battery on genetically engineered mice. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1086, 144-159 (2006 Nov)

Takao K, Miyakawa T. Light/dark transition test for mice. Journal of Visualized Experiments 1, 104. doi: 10.3791/104. (2006 Nov)

*Powell CM, Miyakawa T. Schizophrenia-relevant behavioral testing in rodent models: a uniquely human disorder? Biological Psychiatry. 15;59(12):1198-207. (2006 Jun)

Arron JR, Winslow MM, Polleri A, Chang CP, Wu H, Gao X, Neilson JR, Chen L, Heit JJ, Kim SK, Yamasaki N, Miyakawa T, Francke U, Graef IA, Crabtree GR. NFAT dysregulation by increased dosage of DSCR1 and DYRK1A on chromosome 21. Nature 441, 595-600 (Epub 2006 Mar)