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  • September 4, 2021
 A graduate student gave an oral presentation remotely at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Japanese DOHaD Society.
  • July 16, 2021
 A doctoral student submitted a paper to Nutrition Research and it was accepted.
  • April 1, 2021
 Five master's course students joined our group in the new school term.


In this field, we mainly conduct basic research using cultured cells and various animal models using mice and rats. Based on the research results, we aim to apply them to clinical trials and establish novel biomarkers. In the Clinical Collaboration Unit, we are engaged in the clinical laboratory to analyze clinical datum and conduct cooperative research with medical scientists. At the graduate school, we hold research meetings to introduce papers related to our research themes and to discuss the progress of our research. Through these activities, we will develop independent human resources and people who can take on research position in clinical sites, universities, and companies.


Faculty members

Medical Technology

Graduate student

Doctor’s course: Yoshitaka Ando (D3), Genki Mizuno (D3), Nanaka Morita (D2), Itsuki Kageyama (D1), Yuki Nouchi (D1)
Master’s course: Tomohide Sakakibara (M2), Takuya Wakasugi (M2), Miyuki Ikeya (M1), Hayato Ichikawa (M1), Masaki Oshiro (M1), Sayaka Yoshida (M1), Fumiaki Sato (M1)
Undergraduate course: Yuri Kamiya

Research Theme

・Effects of fructose intake during gestation and lactation on the next generation
・Elucidation of constitutional development from the viewpoint of epigenome
・Establishment of biomarkers for early detection metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders are closely related to the onset of disease. We are elucidating the molecular mechanisms of disease onset by lifestyle factors such as dietary habits. In particular, we are focusing on epigenetics in our research. In addition, there are people who get diseases and people who do not get diseases despite living the same life. This phenomenon is called "constitution," but it has not been scientifically elucidated. Our goal is to scientifically clarify this "constitution" by using technologies in various fields such as biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetic engineering, and to develop new testing and prevention methods. Establishing biomarkers for diseases is another task that clinical laboratories are responsible for. We are also participating in epidemiological and clinical studies to search for biomarkers and establish new testing methods. We are also collaborating with Dr. Hiroya Yamada of the Department of Hygiene, Dr. Eiji Munetsuna of the Department of Biochemistry. (Ohashi, Ishikawa, Ando)

・The role of tryptophan and glucose metabolism in immune cells
・Establishment of novel biomarkers in chronic kidney disease
・The effects of rare sugars in various inflammatory diseases

Our research interests range from cancer treatment to kidney disease. As basic research, we focus on the metabolism of immune cells using various mouse models of inflammatory diseases. In particular, the recent advent of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) has dramatically improved cancer therapy, but many patients are refractory to ICIs. We aim to solve this problem. We also aim to establish biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis by elucidating the pathogenesis of various renal diseases, including acute kidney injury, using clinical specimens and mouse models. Although urine sample can be collected without invasion, it contains many unknown components. Our goal is to contribute to kidney disease, which is one of the most common diseases in Japan. All of our research is closely linked to clinical practice, and we are working hard every day to apply our findings to humans. (Masato Hoshi)

Annual Events

Paper Abstracts and Progress Reports

We hold weekly meetings to introduce papers and report on research progress, mainly by graduate students.

Academic conferences Presentations

Academic conferences Presentations
We actively present the results of our research at domestic and international conferences. Graduate students also aim to present their research results at international conferences by the end of their studies.

Lab Camp

Lab Camp
Once a year during the summer vacation, we go camping with thesis students and graduate students. We enjoy BBQ and sightseeing in the cool mountains. Graduate students and thesis students who have graduated also come to visit us, and we can casually ask them about their experiences in the field.

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Academic Activities



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