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Fujita Health University

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Guiding Principles

Fujita Health University was founded upon the idea that students should strive to create their own professional guiding principles.
This concept, still alive and present to this day, can be witnessed in every action we take. These professional principles are reflected in the careers of our many graduates and will be a constant as you progress in your studies with us, enabling you to express your innate creativity to carve out the future you desire.
Originality releases you from your existing worldview, and opens up endless new possibilities, limited only by your imagination.
Our university prides itself on its academism in the area of life sciences. We strive to educate and train health care professionals who will be able to take a direct approach to problems they encounter in order to find the most suitable resolutions. The environment we provide is perfect for acquiring this knowledge.
Your road to working in medicine in the 21st century starts with us.