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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAME: Cell Biology

ProfessorNobuteru Usuda
Assistant ProfessorMotoaki Fukasawa
Assistant ProfessorKimie Atsuzawa
Assistant ProfessorTsuyoshi Okawara

Prof. Suzuki Yasunosuke and Prof. Nagatsu Ikuko established the department in 1972. Prof. Nagatsu developed the immunohistochemical techniques visualizing neurotransmitters, as pioneering works in neuroscience.
Prof. Usuda joined the department in 2000.


@[The function of cell organelles, mitochondria and peroxisomes]
The metabolism of nutrients in cell organelles and its disorders is being investigated by the proteome analysis. Its relationships with the oriental medicine has been started by grant-in-Aids from the Ministry of Education Japan.

A[Development of new electron microscope]
New electron-light hybrid microscope is being constructed for the ultrastructural researches of living cells by grant-in Aids from Japan Science and Technology Agency.

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