Fujita Medical Society

Vision and goal

Fujita Medical Society provides opportunities and environments that contribute to the progress of medical, health and related sciences.


  • The members are those who share the society’s vision and goal in common including alumni, faculties and staffs, students of Fujita Health University. Membership requires an annual fee and certain application procedure. The society can have supporting members.
  • Annual membership fee: 3,000 yen
  • Office: The office is located in the Fujita Health University Library.

Executive board



Vice president

Nakao IWATA, Kuniaki SAITO, Yoshikiyo KANADA

Executive board member

Tetsushi YOSHIKAWA (editor), Kazumitsu SUGIURA (editor)
Shuji HASHIMOTO (treasurer), Kozo KAIBUCHI


Shigeru SONODA

Annual meeting (every October)

Oral and poster presentations, special lectures and symposium