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@@Ą 1. Animal Experiment Protoco_Form1
@@Ą 2. Animal Experiment Protoco_Form1-B TransplantationOperation
@@Ą 3. Rodent Transfer Report (Form13)
@@Ą 4. Rodent Health Report
@@Ą 5. Letter of Acceptance for Laboratory Animal Transfer (Form12)

@@Ą a) Regulations for the Management of Laboratory Animals
@@Ą b) Rodent Health Program (SPF1)
@@Ą c) Facility infomation

Education and Research Center of Animal Models for Human Diseases
Research Promotion and Support Headquarters
Fujita Health University
1-98 Dengakugakubo Kutsukake, Toyoake, Aichi, Japan
Phone : 81-562-93-9398@FAX : 81-562-93-9398
e-mail : camhd*@(Please chage from * to —.)