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Organization: Fujita Health University School of Medicine
NAMEF Division of Cardiology
HomePage: http://www.junkanki.fujita-hu.jp/

chief professorHitoshi Hishida
professorShinichiro Morimoto
professorMasatsugu Iwase
associate professorYukio Ozaki
associate professorShinya Hiramitsu
associate professorMasatsugu Otsuki
assistant professorEiichi Watanabe
assistant professorMasayoshi Sarai
assistant professorShigeru Kato
assistant professorYasuchika Kato
assistant professorShigeru Matsui
assistant professorSadako Motoyama
assistant professorHiroyuki Naruse
assistant professorTatsushi Uchiyama
assistant professorTakahisa Sato

The division of cardiology was established in 1973. Dr. Yasushi Mizuno assumed the first chief professor of cardiology. CCU was inaugurated in 1979. Currently, There are two educational hospital.

We mostly focus our research on clinical aspect.
1. New phamacotherapy of heart failure
2. Molecular biology of heat failure
3. Study of clock gene by ambulatory ECG analysis
4. Stress cardiac echo
5. IVUS for coronary atherosclerosis
6. Biochemical marker for myocardial injury
7. Non-invasive imaging (CT, MRI) for coronary
artery and myocardial damage (CT, MRI, SPECT)

clinical aspect
The number of patient beds is 80 including 70 in general wards and 10 in CCU. The number of inpatients is about 80 per day, and outpatients is about 120 per day. We treat about 150 patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) per year. Our division deal with all cardiovascular diseases. The number of staff cardiologists is about 30.
Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases involves various tests including non-ivasive and invasive. The former includes ECG, ultrasound (4406/year), stress ECG test(339/year), SPECT(700/year), cardiac MRI and coronary CTA (200/year). The latter includes CAG (1130/year).
We are introducing new treatments for cardiovascular disease. Not only new phamacotherapy, but also PCI (400/year), implantation of artificial pacemaker (60/year) and catheter ablation (70/year).

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