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Name: Noriko Sasaki
Keyword: mRNA Splicing
E-Mail address: noriko-h (at) fujita-hu.ac.jp

Research Information (#1)
Research section-1: mRNA Splicing

Organization / Department (#1)
Organization-1: Fujita Health University
Department(1) 1: Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science
Department(2) 1: Division of Gene Expression Mechanism
Position-1: Researcher
Address-1: 1-98,Toyoake aichi JAPAN
Tel-1: 0562-93-9378
FAX-1: 0562-93-8834

Research History [2007] (#14)
Papers-14: Noriko Haraguchi, Tomoko Andoh, David Frenedewey and Tokio Tani,
Mutations in the SF1-U2AF59-U2AF23 complex cause exon skipping in Schizosaccharomyces pombe,
The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.282, No.4, pp.2221-2228, January 26, 2007

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