Local Communities

Local Communities

Guiding Others and Communities.

The Comprehensive Community Care Center

 It was established in 2013 as the first community care center operated by an incorporated school. The center has a home-visit nursing care station and a home nursing care support office. The cross functional team supports individuals to live at home.

Advanced Integrated Community Care Model in the Toyoake Apartment Complex

The university has concluded comprehensive agreements with the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) and Toyoake City and is working on promoting the “Advanced Area Comprehensive Support” model. There is a “Fujita Machikado Infirmary” in the Toyoake complex. It provides free health consultations, health lessons and physical check-ups to residents by health professionals. Also, Fujita’s students are residing in the complex, which contributes to prolonging the residents’ healthy life span.

Medical Professionals & Other Hospitals

Fujita Safety Network, which supports the local hospitals and clinics

Fujita Health University Hospital established a network early on to work on the medical safety in the entire hospital in order to have a high level of medical safety knowledge and systems. The hospital uses the knowledge, experience, and know-how to improve medical safety of the medical professionals by forming a scientific and clinically relevant network for safe medical treatment.

Services Provided

○ Education and training on medical safety and hospital infection control
○ Correspondence at the time of medical accident occurrence
○ Assistance with establishing medical accident investigation committees
○ Correspondence with Ai (imaging diagnosis at death)