Fujita Cancer Center

 In April 2019, the university hospital was designated as the prefecture’s only “Area Cancer Medical Treatment Cooperation Base Hospital (High Level)”. In order to achieve comprehensive cancer research and treatment that is patient-centered, the Cancer Medicine Research Center was also established. While maintaining the principles of both cancer medical treatment by the clinical departments and cancer research through basic and clinical laboratory work, we aim for a synergistic fusion of both elements.


○ Cross-sectional care
○ Cancer genome diagnosis
○ Robot-assisted surgery 

Fujita’s Regenerative Medicine

 In 2019, Fujita Health University opened the International Regenerative Medicine Center, a research facility with leading edge CPC(Cell Processing Center)/CMU(Cell Manufacturing Unit). It is the world’s first university facility that has the capability of performing from the culturing of cells to the clinical applications of the cells. We aim to conduct the world’s first personalized cancer immune cell therapy (CAR-T treatment) tailored to each patient and gene therapy.

Utilization of Somatic Stem Cells

Somatic stem cells collected from the subcutaneous fat of the patient → culture/process (activation) → Back to the patient
Application: Severe heart failure or cirrhosis 

Individualized Cancer Immune Cell Therapy (CAR-T treatment)

 Special lymphocytes which only attack cancer cells collected from the patient’s blood → culture → Back to the patient
Application: Solid cancer such as blood cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer.

Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science

The university has a research facility on campus, which is not usually seen in private medical universities. The Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science integrates fundamental research with clinical study as well as the areas of our medical professions providing world class medical treatment and related research.
Under the Research Promotion and Support Headquarters, there are the International Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, the Cancer Center and a research facility equipped with the latest testing equipment that can be used by
the researchers and students university wide.

International Center for Brain Sciences (ICBS)

ICBS established in April 2021 is a research center specializing in psychiatric and neurological disorders. At this research center, laboratories targeting psychiatry and neurology will deepen alliances and conduct world-class research, and foster researchers who will be leaders in the future, aiming at overcoming psychiatric and neurological disorders.


ICBS consists of seven divisions: Genetics, Cell Biology, Neurophysiology, Neurochemistry, Behavioral Pharmacology, Human Imaging, and Computational Science, and a seamless research system is in place from the genome to the individual.

These divisions collaborate to elucidate the pathophysiology of mental and neurological diseases, understand the unknown basic principles of the brain, and develop novel treatment methods and technologies.

We will promote the most advanced research in close cooperation with related organizations such as research centers on campus and departments of each faculty.

The Joint Usage / Research Center for Genes, Brain and Behavior

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) certified the university as a research base for brain-related genes and behavior in April 2015. At the center, genetically modified mice and mice treated with drugs are subjected to functional analysis of brain related genes using comprehensive behavior analysis and various advanced omics analysis. We will conduct supportive collaborative research for comprehensive and efficient implementation.

Researcher information System〝PURE〟

 Publishes the research achievements of approximately 200 of the university's members on the portal site of Elsevier's researcher information system "Pure". The details of research, such as the research impact and researcher network can be viewed in various perspectives.

Education and Research Achievement

 Publishes the educational and research achievements of the faculty members.

Private University Research Branding project

The university has been selected for the Private University Research Branding Project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as "To establish a branding as a base university for the State-of-the-art Research and Development for neuropsychiatric disorders". 


Dr. Hisatsugu KOSHIMIZU,
Professor / Res. Administrator of Research Promotion Headquarters