International Education and Exchange Activities

1.Academic Partners (MOU Universities)

Partner Institution Link Area
Acibadem University Middle East
Ateneno de Manila University Asia
Camilo José Cela University Europe
Capital Medical University Asia
China Medical University Asia
China Medical University Asia
Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine Asia
Gachon University Asia
Hanoi Medical University Asia
Huazhong University of Science and Technology Asia
Johns Hopkins University North America
Kaohsiung Medical University Asia
Khon Kaen University Asia
Mahidol University http:// Asia
Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences Asia
Nanjing Medical University Asia
National Cheng Kung University Asia
National Taiwan University Asia
National University of Singapore School of Medicine Asia
Sabanci University Middle East
Seoul National University Asia
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Asia
Shanghai Medical College Fudan University Asia
Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences Asia
Silpakorn University Asia
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Asia
Thomas Jefferson University North America
United ArabEmirates University Middle East
University of Indonesia Asia
University of Ljubljana Europe
University of Malaya Asia
University of Medicine 1, Yangon Asia
University of Medicine, Mandalay Asia
University of Milano-Bicocca Europe
University of Münster Europe
University of São Paulo South America
University of Zambia Africa
Victoria University Oceania

 Japan(Fujita Health University)

Joint Research Courses

Advanced Imaging
Development of next-generation X-ray CT system with CANON Medical Systems along with Image Reconstruction using high definition CT.
Advanced Surgical Treatment Development
Development of Medical Robot with MEDICAROID which is a venture company established by robotic experts Kawasaki Heavy Industries and healthcare testing expert s Sysmex.
Domestic Partners
There are 8 partners universities with the official agreement for a collaboration in education and research. We have also joint researches with comp anies such as CANON and TOYOTA.

2.International Programs for Oversea Students

Clinical Observer ship from MOU partners and other Facilities

-Fujita has accepted numerous numbers of students and doctors at our university hospital with over 30 departments to choose from.
-The term varies from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on the requirements.

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Medicine

-Master's Course in Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine in 2 years.
  ・Biological Function
  ・Public Health and Hygiene
  ・Molecular Medicine
  ・Disease Control

-Doctoral Course in Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine in 4 years.
  ・Biological Function
  ・Public Health and Hygiene
  ・Molecular Medicine
  ・Disease Control
  ・Internal Medicine

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Master’s Course, Major in Health Sciences, Graduate School of Health Sciences in 2 years.
  ・Clinical Laboratory Medicine
  ・Medical Radiation Sciences
  ・Clinical Engineering
  ・Medical Management and Information Science
Doctoral Course, Major in Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Sciences in 3 years.
  ・Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  ・Radiological Sciences
  ・Rehabilitaion Therapy Science

3.Study Abroad Program for Fujita Students

FHU offers several types of study abroad programs.

The Elective Overseas Medical Training Program for the School of Medicine

-Offers to the 6th school year students in the school of Medicine.
-6 to 8 weeks at one of the MOU schools or other unaffiliated university
-Certain amount of financial support provided from school.

The Clinical Clerkship Program in the School of Health Sciences

-Offers to the mainly 2nd to 4th year students in the school of Health Science.
-2 weeks at Khon Kaen University in Thailand.

Cross Cultural Nursing Program in the School of Health Sciences

-Offers to the 1st to 4th year students in the faculty of Nursing.
-2 weeks at the Victoria University in Australia.

4. Enrolment Procedures for Oversea Students


If you are interested in studying at either school, please contact the Center for International Relations.

Graduate School of Medicine

Please refer to the below URL for Doctoral Course in Medicine and Master's Course in Medical Sciences Course introduction and Admission overview.

Graduate School of Health Sciences/Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Prior to application, contact professors at the desired departments/laboratories and obtain the agreement from the professor for the entry.

  1. Submit the Entrance Qualification Approval Form with the copy of graduation certificate for your degree and along with the copy of identification document (showing the birthday) to below email address:
  2. Fujita Health University will confirm the documents and decide if the person is eligible for the graduate school.If judged Eligible, need to go through the entrance qualification.If judged Not Eligible, submit application documents within the application period.
  3. Take the Entrance Examination.