Message from the President

Cool for Warm

Eiichi Saitoh, M.D., D.M.Sc.
President, Fujita Health University

In 2018, in commemoration of our 50th anniversary, we changed our university’s Japanese name to express our determination to continue to lead in the field of medicine across the globe and take prompt actions for the next 50 years under our founding philosophy “DOKUSOUICHIRI.” With a vision for the future, we have continuously reviewed our education.

The Fujita Health University Hospital, our teaching university hospital, is one of the largest in Japan in terms of the number of beds, and students are offered exceptional opportunities for the most advanced and comprehensive experience before they embark upon their career. In addition, we also strongly focus on cutting-edge research. For example, we start operations at the Regenerative Medicine Support Promotion Facility in 2018 to take a lead in the field of regenerative medicine. The university is committed to providing many opportunities to enable students to learn from clinical experts who are dedicated to pursuing the most advanced research in the world while students develop a proactive

attitude toward self-learning through tailored instructions.

Being a role model for students and never turning our back on them; this idea underpins Fujita’s approach to education.