Message from the President

Yukio Yuzawa, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Fujita Health University

Fujita Health University (FHU) was opened in 1968, four years after establishing Fujita Academy in 1964. Along the way, our four teaching hospitals have aimed to create new medical care based on the education, research, and hospital philosophy cultivated under the principle of "Our Creativity for the People." As a result, the medical care of our teaching hospitals has moved forward as one under the spirit of "ALL FUJITA," and our university-hospital collaboration is now producing remarkable outputs.

June 2021, we hosted "THE Asia Universities Summit 2021" online as the first host university in Japan. It was a great success with more than 600 participants from 29 countries in Asia and other areas. Furthermore, I am honored to announce that we will consecutively host "THE Asia Universities Summit 2022" on our campus from May 31st to June 2nd, 2022 . It is an excellent opportunity for us to continuously appeal to the world the cutting-edge nature of our university as a center of knowledge. Therefore, I would like to fulfill my responsibilities as the president for further development under Chairman Hoshinaga.

In the field of research, we established the International Center for Brain Science that aims to conduct world-class research in the areas of psychiatry and neurology, the Cancer Center for the advancement of cancer genome research, and the International Center for Cell and Gene Therapy. Following them, Center of Infectious Disease Research is just opened in October 2021. The research system at FHU will be further enhanced in the future.

Each of the four teaching hospitals of Fujita is developing exceptional medical care. Our core hospital (FHU Hospital) received JCI reaccreditation last December. Toward this goal, the entire hospital is working hard to promote international standard medical care based on the hospital philosophy. To promote robotic surgery across the surgical fields, we established the Department of Advanced Robotic and Endoscopic Surgery and have started the research to realize remote robotic surgery by using the first domestically produced surgical robot system called " hinotori™." With the accreditation of the advanced emergency medical center received in April 2021 as a tailwind, wide-area disaster preparedness is a significant theme that the entire academy should address in the future.

The countermeasures against COVID-19 at Fujita began with the acceptance of positive cases from the cruise ship to the FHU Okazaki Medical Center in February 2020. Then we quickly started the clinical research on AVIGAN and new vaccines and provided two mass vaccination sites at the FHU Hospital and FHU Okazaki Medical Center. These continuous and dedicated efforts and contributions of Fujita have been highly appreciated in society.

The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred during the growing importance of the digital revolution has drastically changed the nature of education, research, and clinical practice in one fell swoop: lectures using VR and remote systems, AI-based research methods as typified by drug discovery and vaccine development, and telemedicine that enabled the expansion of areas and targets for medical treatment, both domestically and internationally, had become adopted.

With our creativity for the people, we will overcome this era of significant change.