Department of Medical Equipment Engineering, Clinical Collaboration Unit,
Faculty of Radiological Technology, Fujita Health University


The "Department of Medical Equipment Engineering", which belongs to the Clinical Collaboration Unit of the Faculty of Medical Science, promotes clinical research and education in collaboration with the Department of Radiology, University Hospital. Through this collaboration, we will teach real-time medical care in university education. In this field, we aim to develop radiological technologists who have acquired research capabilities by conducting basics of medical imaging equipment (Monte Carlo simulation) and clinical research.


Faculty members

Radiological Technology

Research Theme

1. Nonuniform sampling pitch acquisition method in myocardial single-photon emission computed tomography
2. Development of a Noise Removal Method Using Deep Learning for SPECT Projection Images

Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) affects image quality due to attenuation, scattered radiation, resolution degradation, statistical noise, etc. We are developing a method to correct attenuation, scattered radiation, and resolution deterioration at the same time as image reconstruction by incorporating Monte Carlo simulation into the successive approximation image reconstruction method. We will also pursue faster processing time and aim for clinical use. On the other hand, for statistical noise removal, we have developed a method using deep learning. In the future, we will work on further research on its clinical application and image generation by deep learning. (Seiji Shirakawa)

(A) is an ideal image (no noise) with sufficient counts collected, and an image in which the effect of resolution deterioration (b), the effect of attenuation (c), and the effect of scattered radiation (d) are added to this image.

1. Research on medical exposure and radiation protection
2. Development of digital teaching materials and digital phantoms

Exposure to radiation cannot be avoided during diagnostic imaging. The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has reported that there is room for reduction of medical exposure doses. In order to create a safe environment for diagnostic radiological imaging, we are planning and carrying out a wide range of research themes, such as proposing methods for evaluating and reducing medical exposure using actual measurements and Monte Carlo simulations, and developing dosimetry software and digital phantoms. In recent years, we have also been actively pursuing challenging research that meets the needs of the times, such as the development of educational materials using digital devices such as projection mapping, computer graphics, virtual reality, and motion capture.(Masanao Kobayashi)

Academic Activities



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