Department of Medical Imaging Technology, Clinical Collaboration Unit,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Fujita Health University

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  • April 1, 2021
 In the new school term, two master’s students have joined our group.


In our laboratory, we are developing image analysis technology using various clinical images. Our major research theme is technical development using photon-counting technology. We performed the basic research such as the assessment of detector characteristics, the sensitivity correction, the technology development necessary for next-generation mammography using energy integrated X-ray detector that is borrowed from a company. We instructors, a radiologist as professor and a radiological technologist as associated professor guide our students in their studies by collaborating with each other.


Faculty members

Faculty of Radiological technology

Graduate student

Doctor’s course: Tsukasa Takahashi (D1)
Master’s course: Takahisa Toda (M1), Maeda Kento (M1)

Undergraduate course

Miduki Inaba, Aina Tada, Mio Taniguchi, Marina Tone, Keisuke Hida and Mayuka Murakami

Research Theme

1. Improvement of photon counting technique using radiation metrology

Image generation using photon counting detector

Conventional medical x-ray imaging depicts the integral value of x-ray energy passing through  human body. On the other hand, a photon counting detector can analyze x-rays individually and discriminate the x-ray energy. New x-ray images (effective atomic number image and high contrast image) can be generated by using a photon counting detector. In this study, to improve the photon counting technique in mammography examination, we devise analytical approach of appropriate x-ray energy information using radiation metrology. (Tomonobu Haba)

Annual Events

Laboratory Meeting

Once a week, graduate students introduce and discuss about the progress of their research projects using slides. Undergraduate students also attend the meeting.

Academic conference presentations

Faculty members and graduate students, including the Japanese Society of Radiological Technology, Fujita Medical Society, present at the conference.  Graduate students also present the contents of their research at seeds-needs networking events.

Laboratory activities

Several times a year, we hold the parties with our undergraduate and graduate students.
We will prepare for a hiking of nearby mountain, so called Futamura mountain having long history, sometime soon.

Photo Gallery

  • Two graduate students win an award of Japanese Society of Radilogical Technology 2020.

  • Laboratory menbers 2020

Academic Activities



  1. Novel pregnant model phantoms for measurement of foetal radiation dose in x-ray examinations
    Yuta Matsunaga,Tomonobu Haba, Masanao Kobayashi, Shoichi Suzuki, Yasuki Asada, Koichi Chida
    Journal of Radiological Protection 41(3) N12-N21 2021. Aug.
  2. Fetal radiation dose of four tube voltages in abdominal CT examinations during pregnancy: A phantom study
    Yuta Matsunaga, Tomonobu Haba, Masanao Kobayashi, Shoichi Suzuki, Yasuki Asada, Koichi Chida
    Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 22(2) 178-184 2021. Feb.
  3. A new cone-beam computed tomography dosimetry method providing optimal measurement positions: A Monte Carlo study
    Tomonobu Haba, Keisuke Yasui, Yasunori Saito, Masanao Kobayashi, Shuji Koyama
    Physica Medica 81 130-140 2021. Jan.


  1. Evaluation of exposure dose in fetal computed tomography using organ-effective modulation
    Masanao Kobayashi, Tomonobu Haba, Sayaka Suzuki, Yusei Nishihara, Yasuki Asada, Kazuyuki Minami
    Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine 2020. Sep.
  2. Influence of Absorbed Dose by Difference of Scanning Starting Angle in Multiphasic CT Imaging
    Yusei Nishihara, Masanao Kobayashi, Hiroki Saito, Tomonobu Haba, Yasuki Asada, Atsushi Teramoto
    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 76(4) 346-355 2020. Jan.
  3. Measurement of effective renal plasma flow using model analysis of dynamic CT in the preoperative evaluation of the renal transplant donors.
    Yumi Kataoka, Hitoshi Nishio, Ryo Matsukiyo, Midori Hasegawa, Takashi Kenmochi, Ryoichi Shiroki, Hiroshi Toyama, Takashi Ichihara, Shigeki Kobayashi
    Fujita Medical Journal 3 73-80 2020. Feb.


  1. Optimisation of swallowing CT examination: Dose reduction and image quality
    Masanao Kobayashi, Yasuki Asada, Tomonobu Haba, Yuta Matsunaga, Kosuke Matsubara, Kazuyuki Minami
    Radiation Protection Dosimetry 185(4) 421-431 2019. Dec.
  2. Size‑specific dose estimates for various weighting factors of CTDI equation
    Tomonobu Haba, Masanao Kobayashi, Shuji Koyama
    Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine 43 155-162 2019. Dec.


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