A message from the Director of the Graduate School of Health Sciences

Yoshikiyo Kanada R.P.T.,Ph.,D.

The health sciences major of the Graduate School of Health Sciences; Fujita Health University (Master’s program) was established in April 2001. This course aims to train highly-skilled health professionals, researchers, and teachers, who will serve in leadership roles, teach and research academic theories related to health sciences and the application thereof, and contribute to the improvement of the health of Japanese citizens and the development of academic culture.
Students of the Graduate School of Health Sciences are required to submit a dissertation based on creative research, which summarizes the outcomes of research activities in which the student proactively took the lead. From the first year of postgraduate study, students are encouraged to: begin researching findings of preceding studies in their chosen field with a view toward writing a creative master’s dissertation; strive to understand the results of their supervisors’ research; and start preparations to write a highly novel master’s dissertation.

The health sciences major of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Fujita Health University (Doctor of Philosophy Program) was established in April 2015. In addition to teaching advanced knowledge and techniques via the Master’s program, training teachers, researchers, and leaders who can work in various areas, the program’s main aim and educational goals are to address needs in modern clinical setting, which are increasingly advanced, complex and diverse.
In the third year, students write a doctoral dissertation on their chosen research topic in one or more areas of the health sciences Major, which may span multiple disciplines, while contributing to the development of health sciences by submitting papers to academic journals as a primary author.

I sincerely hope that students will enjoy their study as they build the basis for their future career. To make this possible, all the teaching staff will strive to improve the quality of learning support.