National Taiwan University Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang Lecture on October 25th

Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang was invited from one of our MOU university, National Taiwan University, and a lecture was held on October 25th.
Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang, director of medical science at the university, gave a lecture entitled “Rising Threat of Lung Cancer in Never Smoker” on lung cancer problems in non-smokers due to air pollution.More than 80% of lung cancers are caused by smoking, and the number of lung cancer patients who have never smoked is increasing steadily worldwide, and women's lung cancer is especially increasing in East Asia.In addition, death from lung cancer among non-smokers is estimated to be the seventh leading cause of cancer death.
In Taiwan, the death rate from lung cancer is the leading cause of death and it is becoming a social problem, and among them, 53% are non-smokers and the number of non-smokers increases to 93% for women.In this lecture, the professors made a presentation on effective prevention and screening methods for lung cancer in non-smokers based on the research on the molecular structure of lung cancer.
Our faculty members and researchers listened to Professor Yang's lecture enthusiastically and exchanged lively technical questions.
We have a undergraduate students exchange every year, and cooperation in a wider field is expected in the future.