MOU Agreement Signed with Fudan University Shanghai College of Medicine

On October 31, 2023, Fujita Health University inked an MOU agreement with Fudan University Shanghai Medical College.
By signing this MOU, both universities aim to promote cooperation and contribute to the development of education and research at an international level.
In the future, we plan to arrange further mutual collaboration activities such as holding regular academic sessions, exchanging researchers and students, and training on health care workers.
The attendees from our university include Chairman Kiyotaka Hoshinaga, President Yukio Yuzawa and Vice President Nakao Iwata were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Dean of Shanghai Medical College Fudan University, Professor Fan Wu.
On the same day, Fudan University hosted Shanghai Medical Forum where Professor Iwata gave a keynote lecture.

  • Chairman Hoshinaga with Deputy Dean Wan Fu during the MOU signing

  • Vice President Iwata gave keynote lecture at the Shanghai Medical Forum