International Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

In April 2018, Fujita Health University established the Department of Regenerative Medicine at the School of Medicine and the Cell Processing Center (CPC) at the Center for Research promotion and Support. The CPC will be located on the first basement floor of the University Bldg. #3. The building work was to be completed in January 2019, and the Center will commence operations as an international regenerative medicine center in May 2019.

CPC and CMU at the Fujita Health University Hospital

In the field of regenerative medicine, efficacy, safety, and quality during the manufacturing of cells are warranted. The CPC and the Cell Manufacturing Unit (CMU), two independent facilities that focus on manufacturing aseptic cells, play a pivotal role in manufacturing cells. Keio University, Riken, Osaka University, and National Institute of Biomedical Innovation have already established CPCs and CMUs, which fulfill the Japan–US–Europe trilateral standards. These CPCs and CMUs have cleared inspections by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) and have started manufacturing cells used in clinical settings.
The CPC and CMU that Fujita Health University intends to launch next year will concurrently provide flexible and simultaneous treatments for multiple diseases through their associated independent aseptic cell manufacturing facilities installed in parallel. Furthermore, the CPC and CMU will have the potential to develop into two of the leading facilities in Japan as they will be equipped with the first negative pressure facility for aseptic cell manufacturing in Japan, in addition to positive pressure facilities.