Master's Course in Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine

Master’s Course in Medical Sciences

The Master’s Course in Medical Sciences at Fujita Health University Graduate School of Medicine is comprised of the following specialties within the basic medicine discipline: morphology, function studies, healthcare, and molecular medicine. The basic medicine discipline encourages cutting-edge research in students’ areas of specialty.

Educational and Research Objectives / 3 Policies

The Master’s Course in Medical Sciences at Fujita Health University Graduate School of Medicine provides science education consisting of fundamental knowledge and experimental techniques to students who have graduated from a four-year university or those who have a similar educational background. Our educational goal is to prepare graduates from this course to be able to develop new therapies and diagnostics in the future.

Graduate Student's Interview

Entrance examination information

Application procedures for the Master's Course in Graduate School of Medicine:
Internarional Students Spring Admissions(2023)
Applicants must complete the online registration process. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the online registration.

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Basic Medicine


Fields Departments
Morphology Functional Morphology; Biomedical Molecular Sciences; Molecular Oncology; Molecular Pathology; Virology and Parasitology
Biological Function Physiological chemistry; Physiology; Neurophysiology; Biochemistry; Pharmacology
Public Health and Hygiene Public Health; Preventive Medicine; Microbiology; Legal Medicine; Medical Education Research and Development
Molecular Medicine Neural and Tumor Signal Analysis; Molecular Genetics; Therapies against Intractable Diseases; Gene Expression Mechanism; Systems Medical Science
Disease Control Biomedical Data Science; Behavioral Neuropharmacology; Tumor and Gene Regulation; Cellular Immunotherapies for Cancer