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  1. Press release

    Impact of Synbiotic Supplements on the Gut Microbiome and Overall Health of Penguins

  2. Press release

    From Autism to Alzheimer’s: A Large-Scale Animal Study Links Brain pH Changes to Wide-Ranging Cognitive Issues

  3. Press release

    Discovery of a Subset of Human Short Introns That Are Spliced Out by a Novel Mechanism

  4. Press release

    Uncovering the Link to Combating Muscle Atrophy Caused by Aging and Immobility

  5. Press release

    Challenging the Traditional Views on How the Brain Processes Movement and Sensation

  6. Research

    Understanding the Role of a New Enzyme in the Development of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  7. Global

    MOU Agreement Signed with Fudan University Shanghai College of Medicine

  8. Press release

    Study Confirms the Use of a New Biomarker for Predicting Non-Lymphocytic Lesions, Including Germinoma, in Patients with Central Diabetes Insipidus

  9. Press release

    Proof-of-Concept Method Advances Bioprocess Engineering for a Smoother Transition to Biofuels

  10. Press release

    New Study Shows How the Epstein-Barr Virus Transforms B Cells

  11. Research

    Unveiling the Mechanism Underlying Orofacial Movements During Reward Processing in Animals

  12. Press release

    How Excessive Salt Consumption is Linked to Cognitive Disorders and High Blood Pressure

  13. Press release

    Circumventing the Renal Toxicity Associated with Cisplatin Treatment